Connecting Industry Professionals,
with Artists and Their Official Representatives.

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CONNECT... : Where Artists’ Business Takes Center Stage!

We're all about making connections between B2B stakeholders and artists or their representatives. Skip the maze of multiple sources – with our app, it's all smooth sailing to connect effortlessly.

Connect The Relevant

Step into the world of direct connections and real conversations. Reach out to artists or their representatives effortlessly, whether... it's for brand collaborations, events, shows, or recordings.

What if your favourite artist has different reps for various gigs? No worries – we've got it covered.

Artists have different representatives for recordings, endorsements, public relations, social media management, and shows/events.

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Teams or Bands

Navigating through multiple representatives can be confusing, but not with us.
Let's simplify it with an example with different... Representatives (Rep):

Rep A manages John Lennon
Rep B manages The Beatles
Rep C manages another musician from The Beatles- Paul McCartney

CONNECT...'s magic? Even with different reps for artists and their band, we ensure you connect with both seamlessly.

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Dive into our CONNECT...'s smart search – explore artists by category or name. No more beating around the bush; connect directly... with artists or their official representatives.

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Tap that 'Heart' icon to add your favorite Artists. This is your own curated list of awesomeness in 'Favourites'. You can receive all the... updates of your favourite Artists in real-time.

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Get Notified

Stay in the loop!
Never miss a beat as we notify you when your favourite artist updates their... profile. It's personalized and categorically tailored just for you. You can also get Notified when an entire category of Artists updates their informations.

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Go-to platform for Artists

Calling all artists! Grab your digital toolkit and take control. Edit, add flair, and update profiles effortlessly from any... device. Your show, your rules – run it!

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Artist Profile

CONNECT... evolves into a command center for artists and their representation teams.

This dedicated space is tailored for artists to showcase their unique talents, coordinate with their representatives, take control of their business, and connect with industry stakeholders.

Experience effortless networking, where business inquiries and collaborations are streamlined for industry professionals and talented artists alike.

At CONNECT..., we simplify the networking process by providing verified and updated information. Stay connected with just a single tap.



Your trust means the world to us, and we take the responsibility of safeguarding your information seriously. Our product is meticulously crafted with top-notch tech architecture, ensuring a secure and seamless experience for you.

You’re in safe hands.


Joining our platform is like stepping into a close-knit community. To ensure a fantastic experience for all, we manually review each account before activation. It may sound a bit old-school, but we believe in the power... of a curated and genuine community.

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Your security is our priority at CONNECT... We've implemented OTP authentication at various levels, making sure that only you, with access to your registered mobile number, have the authority to edit, access,... and control your information.

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Adding an extra layer of protection, our intuitive biometric controls give you full control over how you access the app. Your security is in your hands.

We're committed to ensuring your experience is not only... secure but also enjoyable. Let's make your time on our platform safe, seamless, and simply amazing!

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Keep unnecessary conversations at bay.

Amid all the cluttered queries coming your way, we understand the importance of having the power in your hands to engage with... the legit ones.

Connect allows artists and their teams to block and unblock users.

Dear users, please maintain the utmost dignity when you’re getting the opportunity to speak to the artist or their official representative.

Life does give second chances and Connect is all the more generous and gives you 3 chances to request unblock from an artist.

You have finite chances, make it count!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CONNECT...?

    We like to define CONNECT... as the industry's best-kept secret and your VIP pass to the pulse of business, music, and entertainment. Imagine an exclusive platform where industry pros seamlessly connect with top artists. It’s your simple, secure, and elite gateway to the who’s who of the industry.

  • Breaking into the entertainment industry hinges on connections. CONNECT... demolishes this barrier, offering a direct line to artists sans the clutter of irrelevant listings and outdated directories.

  • Unlike scattered creative networks, CONNECT... is curated, artist-led, and verification-only. It ensures your next connection is the right one. It’s not just a network; it’s the ‘RIGHT’ network.

  • We've searched, but real competition? Nonexistent. (Trust us, we’re not bragging)
    While there are several contact compilations, we're in a league of our own – connecting, not collecting.

  • We’re building on the principle of value first, profit later.

  • We're not just changing the game; we're making it fair play for everyone. The vision is to enhance industry communication and collaboration without compromise, making every handshake virtual, yet as powerful and meaningful as in person.

  • Our platform orchestrates perfect harmony between trust and opportunity. Nurturing a space where only verified professionals connect. CONNECT... is artist-led and a verification-centric model – no sales pitch, just pure connection.

  • If you're in the biz – from streaming bigwigs to labels and indie labels, from concert promoters to marketing gurus – and you mean business, CONNECT...’s connections is your go-to soundtrack.

  • Dive into CONNECT...'s beat by signing up on our platform. Take the step to amplify your professional reach and create harmonies that resonate with success. It’s your move – make it count.